The Montpellier Youth Summit 2024: A Catalyst for Peace and Sustainability

In a global context marked by incessant crises and armed conflicts, the future rests on the shoulders of youth, bearers of innovation and progress. The Youth Summit on Peace and Sustainable Future, planned for 2024, promises to be a groundbreaking event, providing emerging leaders a platform to positively influence global peace efforts.

This summit, which will take place July 22-26, 2024 in Montpellier, France, aspires to raise a new wave of transformative leaders, emphasizing youth empowerment and active participation, essential elements to bring about beneficial social change .

About the Organizers

The Institute for Research on Public Policy and Diplomacy (IPPDR), organizer of the Youth Summit for Peace and a Sustainable Future 2024, is an entity founded in 2008. Formerly known as LIRE, the IPPDR is a initiative of the Humanitarian Focus Foundation, aimed at combating educational disparities in rural areas and promoting equitable access to education. Collaborating with governments, organizations and communities, IPPDR transcends the traditional educational framework by integrating human rights education into its programs, and advocating for an inclusive society conscious of the universal principles of human rights.

Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Andrise Bass, founder of IPPDR, the summit is shaping up to be a transformative event. Dr. Bass, recognized for her in-depth policy analysis and research aimed at improving quality of life, leads a team of policy analysts and researchers dedicated to providing informed perspectives on current societal issues.

Dr. Bass has propelled IPPDR to become a major player in policy debate and the promotion of evidence-based decisions. His determination to connect research to practical action has earned him international recognition. Driven by an altruistic vision of public service, it has become a reference in the field of political analysis. Under his leadership, IPPDR continues to produce remarkable results, tackling complex social problems with innovative solutions that transcend borders.

Why Participate in the Summit?

The Youth Summit on Peace and a Sustainable Future is an invitation to join a collective of young world leaders, engaged in a journey of exploration and empowerment. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of resolutions that reflect your vision of peace and sustainability, and to see your influence spread globally, as these resolutions are intended to be presented at the 79th Assembly General of the United Nations in New York.

Networking Opportunities

The summit provides an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with experts, specialists and other activists passionate about positive impact. It’s a chance to connect, exchange ideas and work together to solve some of the most pressing challenges of our time. Join us for this transformative experience and help shape a future where peace and sustainability are at the heart of our collective action.

The Youth Summit, a Springboard for Peace and the Future

The 2024 Montpellier Youth Summit on Peace and Sustainable Future is shaping up to be an unmissable event, bringing together renowned peacebuilders, including UN representatives, influential figures, policy makers, as well as experts from government, civil society, and the military and global security sectors. These eminent figures will share their expertise and shed light on the choices that will determine the future of our planet.

With the participation of more than 400 young people from 41 different countries, the summit promises to be a crossroads of ideas and innovations.

Summit Objectives

Empowerment of Young Leaders: The summit aims to equip young people to play an active role in peacebuilding initiatives within their communities.
Deepening Knowledge: Participants will enrich their understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on SDG 16 which covers peace, justice and the establishment of strong institutions.
Interconnection: Debates will highlight the inseparable link between peace and sustainability, demonstrating how achieving one strengthens the other.
Knowledge Exchange: The summit will encourage the sharing of best practices and innovative solutions to promote peace and sustainability.
Networking: A platform will be created to connect young people with peers, organizations and mentors who share their vision.
Project Launchpad: The summit will support the development and implementation of youth projects aligned with peace and sustainability goals.

How to participate ?

Registering for the summit is a simple and accessible process:

Visit the dedicated website to register and seize this unique opportunity to impact the world. The Montpellier Summit is open to all those who aspire to be agents of change.
Block the dates July 22-26, 2024 in your calendar and prepare for a transformative experience in Montpellier. Join us to contribute to a future where peace and sustainability reign, beyond divides and divisions. Don’t just witness change, be change makers.

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