Education and good governance: Dr Andrise Bass bets on the IPPDR for global policy change

The Institute for Public Policy and Diplomacy Research (IPPDR) started as a literacy project in 2008. Due to the global needs, it becoming IPPDR, an American non-profit organization founded by Dr. Andrise Bass. The institution aims to bridge the gap between several areas of public policy and diplomacy for a more prosperous and harmonious world. IPPR Founder, Dr. Andrise Bass believes that education is one of the many opportunities to end global poverty. Start a Literacy program 👇

The IPPDR conducts research, analysis and policy development to address pressing global challenges and promote positive change. The institutional organization brings together experts, scholars, practitioners and individuals interested in making a difference in various fields, such as education, good governance, poverty reduction, peacebuilding and international relations .

It is a beacon of academic excellence, dedicated to lifelong learning and the empowerment of all. By offering hybrid courses that encompass economics, politics, good governance, leadership, sustainability, and social systems, IPPDR positions students as architects of a secure and sustainable future. The institute shapes strategies and mechanisms that transcend borders, thus adopting modern e-learning techniques such as peer assessment, class blogs, discussion forums and the innovative classroom approach reversed. The IPPDR enables distance learners to engage in self-directed education while fostering collaborative interactions, broadening horizons, and nurturing a community of knowledge among students.
Additionally, IPPDR works to empower individuals and communities by advocating for quality education, effective public policies, and diplomatic strategies that foster cooperation and understanding. The activities of the institute include the organization of events, discussions, workshops and initiatives that contribute to the realization of her vision.

A collaborative initiative for a better future

The roots of the IPPDR lie in a collaborative initiative established by the Humanitarian Focus Foundation, the Harmony Home of Humanitarian Focus Foundation and the World Harmony Association, Inc. These organizations, working in harmony with the common agenda of the United Nations, unite to defend a world where education for all, peace and diplomacy are not ideals but lived realities.

Addressing Gender-Based Violence: A Commitment to the SDGs

In a world striving for progress, it is essential to tackle the issues that stand in the way of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Dr Andrise Bass and the IPPDR understand the importance of this. Sexual exploitation and abuse, forms of gender-based violence, undermine the achievement of several United Nations-defined SDGs, including SDG 5 (gender equality and empowerment of women and girls), SDG 16 (promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies and access to justice for all) and SDG 3 (good health and well-being).

At the latest IPPDR event, world leaders, advocates and change makers took a stand against sexual exploitation and abuse. They pledged to eliminate these injustices and offered guidelines for taking effective action, working collectively to end sexual exploitation and abuse.

The Circle of Leadership: A Commitment to Accountability

The Leadership Circle, a core aspect of the IPPDR’s mission, symbolizes its members’ unwavering commitment to ending impunity and preventing sexual exploitation and abuse. This formidable symbol represents a collective commitment to respond quickly and decisively to credible reports of such acts, thereby ensuring that the needs of victims are met quickly and appropriately. It is a visual representation of the dedication of world leaders, advocates and organizations united against these injustices.

A pioneering leader

Dr. Andrise Bass is not only the founder of IPPDR, but also a dynamic force in policy and research. For more than 20 years, she has devoted her expertise to improving the quality of life of citizens. With an unwavering commitment to driving positive change, she has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives that transcend traditional boundaries.
In her current role, Dr. Andrise Bass leads a team of seasoned policy analysts and researchers who diligently provide insight into pressing public policy issues. Her extensive background in economics and public policy gives him a unique perspective that shapes IPPDR’s efforts.
Dr. Andrise Bass passion for improving lives knows no bounds. As an ambassador for social change with deep expertise in organizational and behavioral psychology, she acts as a climate reality leader, applying her wisdom to mentor diverse groups. Her philanthropic spirit drives her commitment to building resilience for adaptation to quality education and poverty reduction.
But that’s not all. Dr. Andrise Bass is a protocol, etiquette and human rights consultant in diplomacy, exemplifying her wide range of abilities. A climate reality leader, speaker and mentor, she firmly believes that now is the time to act. She says: “There is no doubt that a wide range of human activities can cause climate change. It is our duty to train, to educate leaders and our communities to act.

Through her efforts, the IPPDR seeks to contribute to a world where education is accessible to all, where public policies promote well-being and where diplomacy plays a crucial role in maintaining peace and cooperation between the Nations. IPPDR Founder, Dr. Andrise Bass believes that education is one of the many opportunities to fight poverty and promote peace. Her passion for education is a promise she made when she was 8 years old. As a child, her education was very difficult and she was excluded from many classes because of the way she learned. She asked for help from The Universe and in return she will ensure that every child she meets has the opportunity to read and understand well. She thought education was a human right, not a luxury.

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